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NetApp OVM Plug-in


Can anyone offer a solution here?   We have a customer that is not able to setup vFilers on their FAS8020 (7-mode)  HA pair  (8.2.1)  They have Fibre Channel LUN’s only for (3) customer’s that they want to keep hidden from each other.  We were able to accomplish this by Zoning the HBA's from the Initiators in differnet zones on the SAN Brocade Switch. 

– Here it the problem—

When they use the NetApp OVM Plug-in to administer their respective LUN's, -- they also can see all the LUN's for other customers, even thought they are in different Zones.

Is there a way to stop this?  We only want the user to see the LUN’s that are zoned to them when they use the NetApp OVM Plug-in

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