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NFS mounting and DNS behaviour


We were having a 10-node cluster and reduced it to 4 nodes. On the cluster we did have some svm's using NFS. Each SVM's did have 10 lifs, 1 lif per node. As we reduced the amount of nodes to 4 with did want to do a cleanup of the LIFS, so removing IP-addresses... We did it using following steps:

  • Adapt DNS so only 4 instead of 10 IP-addresses will be used
  • We waited for 14 days and then brought down the LIF's


What happend?

  • A lot of servers were not able to mount the SVM's anymore but i don't understand why, as mounts are done using FQDN...


Any idea's.... Does the NFS-server remembers the IP-address when doing the mount initially or .... ?





Couple of things that might cause it


- DNS lookup is done at mount time, not periodically. Meaning the clients would stay mounted to whatever IP address they got 15+ days ago.

- On remount/reboot, the NFS server hostname may be in /etc/hosts on the clients due to well meaning config scripts

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