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NFS port mode unsecure


We have a problem with NFS acess to NFS volumes to rw to oracle +ASM volumes.

Oracle have told us that we need to publish this NFS v3 as 

- no_root_squash

- insecure


We do not have matters with no_root_sqash.

Our problem is on "insecure" mode, which allows every RPC request, not only from default allowed if they come from a privileged source port (<1024).

How do we activate insecure mode?




Re: NFS port mode unsecure

Hi there!


Insecure functionality is activated by running "vserver nfs modify -vserver vservername -mount-rootonly disabled" and "vserver nfs modify -vserver vservername -nfs-rootonly disabled"  on the vserver serving NFS for Oracle.


Hope this helps!

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Re: NFS port mode unsecure

Hi Alex! Superb!

Thanks a lot for the replay!

It seems it will work, it just what we were looking for the server.


Thanks again!

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