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NFS4 mount problem with Cmod 8.2


Hi, I have 2 problems with mounting to Cmod volume using NFS4


1) I cant mount to Cmod volume using nfs4   Linux Client . It work just fine if I mount using nfs3.


Here is the error I've got:


sake:~ # mount -o soft -t nfs4 cetnetapp1-client1.storage.tucson.ibm.com:/svt2_lnx /snapdiff/mnt2
mount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting cetnetapp1-client1.storage.tucson.ibm.com:/svt2_lnx


2) I am be able to mount to same volume above using nfs4 on AIX Client but I can't see the .snapshot directory at all. I am able to see the .snapshot directory if I mount to the same volume using nfs3


Please help.


Below is my epxort policy and my volume detail.

I've only have one export policy as follow:


cetcluster::> vserver export-policy rule show -vserver cetnetapp1-client1
Policy Rule Access Client RO
Vserver Name Index Protocol Match Rule
------------ --------------- ------ -------- --------------------- ---------
default 1 any any


Ouput of vol show -volume rootvol  -inst command:


cetcluster::> vol show -volume svt2_lnx -inst
(volume show)

Vserver Name: cetnetapp1-client1
Volume Name: svt2_lnx
Aggregate Name: aggr_client1
Volume Size: 1GB
Volume Data Set ID: 1076
Volume Master Data Set ID: 2147484724
Volume State: online
Volume Type: RW
Volume Style: flex
Is Cluster-Mode Volume: true
Is Constituent Volume: false
Export Policy: default
User ID: 0
Group ID: 0
Security Style: unix
UNIX Permissions: ---rwxrwxrwx
Junction Path: /svt2_lnx
Junction Path Source: RW_volume
Junction Active: true
Junction Parent Volume: rootvol
Available Size: 1001MB
Filesystem Size: 1GB
Total User-Visible Size: 1013MB
Used Size: 12.02MB
Used Percentage: 2%
Volume Nearly Full Threshold Percent: 95%
Volume Full Threshold Percent: 98%
Maximum Autosize (for flexvols only): 1.20GB
Autosize Increment (for flexvols only): 51.20MB
Minimum Autosize: 1GB
Autosize Grow Threshold Percentage: 85%
Autosize Shrink Threshold Percentage: 50%
Autosize Mode: off
Autosize Enabled (for flexvols only): false
Total Files (for user-visible data): 31122
Files Used (for user-visible data): 156
Space Guarantee Style: volume
Space Guarantee in Effect: true
Snapshot Directory Access Enabled: true
Space Reserved for Snapshots: 1%
Snapshot Reserve Used: 10%
Snapshot Policy: none
Creation Time: Wed Oct 08 10:09:10 2014
Language: C.UTF-8
Clone Volume: false
Node name: cetcluster-01
NVFAIL Option: off
Is File System Size Fixed: false
Extent Option: off
Reserved Space for Overwrites: 0B
Fractional Reserve: 100%
Snapshot Cloning Dependency: off
Primary Space Management Strategy: volume_grow
Read Reallocation Option: off
Inconsistency in the File System: false
Is Volume Quiesced (On-Disk): false
Is Volume Quiesced (In-Memory): false
Volume Contains Shared or Compressed Data: false
Space Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0B
Percentage Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0%
Space Saved by Deduplication: 0B
Percentage Saved by Deduplication: 0%
Space Shared by Deduplication: 0B
Space Saved by Compression: 0B
Percentage Space Saved by Compression: 0%
Block Type: 64-bit
FlexCache Connection Status: -
Is Volume Moving: false
Flash Pool Caching Eligibility: read-write
Flash Pool Write Caching Ineligibility Reason: -
Managed By Storage Service: -
Create Namespace Mirror Constituents For SnapDiff Use: -
Constituent Volume Role: -
QoS Policy Group Name: -
Is Volume Move in Cutover Phase: false
Number of Snapshot Copies in the Volume: 2







For you question #2


NFSv4 clients are not handling the file system ID (FSID) properly when crossing file system boundaries. On a storage system, the FSID of a snapshot is diffe rent from the FSID of the mounted volume. The NFSv4 client will refuse to cross this boundary, you can try mounting the directly, or you can simply try to navigate to the snapshot directory manually



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Hi, Thank you for your answer.


Just question another question though. is it the way nfs4 work on CMOD ontab only?  since i was be able to mount to 7 mod volume using nfs4 and be able to see .snapshot directory just fine.


do you have any way to configure the nfs4 server and client so the .snapshot directory visible on nfs client system after mounting?