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I have a FAS3240 and what I think is the "NVMEM LED" is solid amber.  It's the "battery" looking LED to the right of the serial console port.   Running 8.1 7-Mode.  I don't see any significant errors in /etc/messages.  'environment chassis list-sensors' shows all normal.  https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Systems/FAS_Systems/Procedure_to_troubleshoot_fault_LEDs_on_various_ONTAP_platforms makes reference to "NVRAM Batt Rem. Capacity and NVRAM Batt Voltage", but none of the sensors even show those.  I see "NVMEM Bat Temp" and other various "Bat" sensors, like Temp, Run Time, Capacity, Curr, etc, and all of those are normal.


That same article makes reference to the fru_led command, which doesn't seem to exist on this platform/version, even in admin or diag priv mode.  I poked around in the service processor to find clues.  "system sensors" doesn't show anything different.  "system fru show 8" gives me some general info on the battery, but nothing significant.  "system fru show" gives a usage of "led set <FRU-LED-ID> <'on'|'off'> - Set FRU LED state.  I thought maybe I could use that to manually turn off the LED, but  I tried to play around with that syntax, "system fru led set 8 off" for example, but that doesn't do anything.  Doesn't appear to be good syntax.


Anyway, this thing is end of life/end of support, but just hoping someone might have some insight.  I did a clean halt and reboot, hoping it would reset/clear the LED, but no luck.  Bottom line, I don't see anything that appears wrong.  But just not sure if this LED being on is an indication of something broken I'm just not seeing.  Any insight/guidance appreciated.  Thanks.





Sometimes that LED comes on during a battery learning sessions. Typically one-4 hours



Unfortunately it's been on for weeks.


Versions of Data ONTAP prior to 8.1.3RC1 and 8.2RC1 do not have the fru_led command and the fault LEDs do come on spuriously sometimes.


From https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Systems/FAS_Systems/Procedure_to_troubleshoot_fault_LEDs_on_various_ONTAP_platforms#Sect...


Summary is to try "sp reboot", to reboot the service processor only, and if that doesn't work, turn the controller fully off - takeover from it and remove from chassis, and that should reset it.


Hope this helps.


hello @awrightus 

was your issue resolved?