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Native fPolicy file blocking with RegExp




I'm searching for a documentation and/or explanation, how to use RegExp in native fPolicy file blocking. My customer wants to block double file extentions (like <filename>.cad.11, <filename>.cad.08, ... )




One valid RegExp for this could be



which will find this pattern at the end of a filename.



vserver fpolicy policy scope create –vserver <vserver name> -policy-name <Policy Name> -file-extensions-to-include <RegExp>

I can set the file extensions to match (after doing all the other setup requiered) and it is written, that it is possible to use regexp here.
How do I add this to the command parameter -file-extensions-to-include? I tried some variations and they don't work (like putting "", '' around), but all ended up with an error 😞
I was not able to find any documentation on that topic, so if someone has found something which I can handoff to the customer?



To include charachters such as "?" in the command you can use the command "set -active-policy false", then set it back to true after your done.


Similar thing over here.


I want to native file block a extension with double extension like "filename.aaa.bbb" with folicy. I tried to masquerade the dot, but nothing helped (\.aaa\.bbb). * or ? seem to not match for dots (periods).


So how to block double file extensions? We´re using Clustered Data Ontap 8.3P2.