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Need help to automate the provisioning task



I need help to accomplish the following task.

1. Create 100 Volumes (100 Commands)

2. Disable Snap Reserve for the above volumes (100 Commands)

3. Disable Snap Scheduling for the above volumes (100 Commands)

4. Create a Qtree

5. Creare a LUN

6. Map the LUN to the IGroup

So all togeather, I would be having about 600 commands to accomplish the above task. I create a script using excel to get all the above commands.

Once after that, do we have an option to execute them keeping them in a single file, like batch or text file and execute on the filer. Any help on this would be highly appreciated. Thank You.

Best Regards,

Krishna Kishore Govada.



You could consider workflow automation.


Thank You for taking time to reply aborzenkov..

Is there any alternative like keeping all the commands created using excel it to a text file or batch file, copy and execute them on the filer. This is just out of curiosity. Thank You.

Best Regards,

Krishna Kishore Govada.




This can be done using powershell and CSV as input.

Use Import-CSV to iterate on each of your CSV and New-NcVolume... to do the necessary task you need.


Best regards,


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