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Need to verify snapshot retention behavior before making a change


We currently have a snapshot policy assigned to a number of volumes that keeps 180 daily and 52 weekly snapshots (in essence giving us 1 year of retention).  Now that we are on 9.4, we want to switch that to 365 daily and 0 weekly snapshots.  If we change the snapshot policy to that (365 daily and 0 weekly), will the weekly snapshots be automatically deleted?


We have a case open and the support engineer says they will be deleted, but that isn't what we recall happening on the 7-Mode side.  He says the only way to preserve them is to leave the policy at 365 daily and 52 weekly and then in 1 year make the change.



If you make a policy change, I do think you will have to manually delete the hold weeklys since you aren't taking weeklys anymore..


That is the behavior that we want, but the engineer was positive that all of the weekly snapshots would be instantly deleted once the change is made (which is not what we want at all!)

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