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Copy/paste operation from 1 SVM to another


Hello All,

I have noticed strange behavior on my NetApp environment.

When I tried copying and pasting almost 2 GB of data from  1vol of 1st SVM to another vol of 2nd SVM, it took almost 3 hrs.

But, when I try to copy same data from 1 SVM to local machine, it transffered in 20mins.

I again noticed that, when I used VM for copy/paste operation, that also worked very efficiently.


Both the volumes are in MIXED mode.


Can anybody assist me in improvising the procedure of copying/pasting the data between NetApp SVMs ?



Re: Copy/paste operation from 1 SVM to another


Within an SVM the copy may go via ODX (if it's done via CIFS) hence it's quicker, between SVM's depends on the configuration you might going via non-optimized network path.

if you want to understand better the difference. you can try to get a packettrace or perfstat and analyze with support what give the big difference, and if the inter-SVM copy can be improved.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: Copy/paste operation from 1 SVM to another


Hello GidonMarcus ,


Thank you for sharing the knowledge.  I was finding any other alternate way of detecing the path, because we have selected optimized path for data transfer.

I have a doubt, this is MIXED volume and we have not noticed any such issue with NTFS or UNIX volumes.


The source volume is MIXED and  destiination volume is MIXED too and both the volumes are from different SVMs.




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