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NetApp CIFS Share name - ONTAP 9.1




When we create CIFS share name with all captial letters (Eg : TESTSHARE), on widnows sharename shows as "testshare" all in small letters. However at the same time, when i modify share name TESTSHARe ( all in capital letters and one small letter) then windows shows properly as "TESTSHARe".  I tried with volume /SVM languae with both C UTF8 and EN-US same result. 

On 7 Mode system, share name with all captial letters works fine.

I am fully understand sharename is not case sensistive on CIFS, but one of our cusrtomer is hesitant and want share name in all capital letters 🙂 

I have case opened with support ,  just want to check if anybody faced this issue before and fix for this







Share names are not case-sensitive.

Reference : https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.cdot-famg-cifs/GUID-F7FBE1FC-A9F9-4902-B948-503B8ADE5D09.html


When i list the CIFS shares via ONTAP cli, i do see the case is maintained.  Also I connected via MMC (computer management) from Windows and it displayed shared folder names in the same case how it was created in ONTAP. 

This looks to be more of a Windows (Explorer) behaviour. Since windows folder and filenames are not case sensitive it seems to display them in one case(lower) except when we mix Upper and lower case alphabets together which seems to be an exception.


I also did a quick test by creating a share with all CAPS in 7 mode (ONTAP 8.2.5) and  CDOT (ONTAP 9.1). When i connected to the CIFS server via windows 2012 R2 (windows explorer), for both the 7 and CDOT it displayed all the shares in lowercase. I am not sure if 8.2.4 or 8.2.3 7 mode shows different behaviour. Only exception is when i mix Upper and lower case for a share name , Windows explorer displayed it in the same case how it was created.