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NetApp FAS-2552 Cluster Mode 8.2 - volume missing junction path


Hello,  I'm fairly new to the Netapp world.  Hope someone can assist.  Earlier today I configured FAS-2552 on the network.  Was successful in creating mulitple volumes.  Volumes mounted up successfully to a node running CentOS.  Had to migrate VM's from a older model NetApp FAS-2240 to the FAS-2552 via rsync over different mount points on the linux node.  Once the rsync was complete, I had to change the IP's for the 2 NFS LIF's due to requirements.  Once IP's were changed, I was then unable to mount the volumes to the same CentOS node that was working earlier.  In troubleshooting further I inadvertantly removed the junction path for a volume.  Is there anyway to recover the junction path that was originally assigned to this VM.  Was the data on this VM affected by removing the junction path?





you can modify the junction path of a volume using the mount command. The syntax is : volume mount -volume [volname] -vserver [SVM name] -juction-path [junction path starting with "/"].

Please refer to "man volume mount" for more details.

Removing junction path attribute doesn't alter data stored inside the volume.

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