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Canot see Storage Efficiency and license data



since the last autosupport message I see in myautosupport an error message regarding missing licenses (HA license mismatch) and no additional data are in storage efficence.

i dont change any data on my netapp filer. 


we hava a netapp 2240-2 with 8.2 P6. i cannot find any infos at knowlege base. i hope you can help me.





Re: Canot see Storage Efficiency and license data


Noticed the same warning message "HA License Mismatch" in My AutoSupport: "The following licenses are not enabled on both HA partners: CIFS, SNAPVAULT, SNAPMIRROR, NFS, ISCSI, FCP".

Moreover, the System Manager console shows "-NA-" for the State of our NFS and CIFS licenses, but "Enabled" for the other licenses like FCP or iSCSI (all of our licenses are Node Locked).

However, the "license" command on the CLI interface gives the result:

Package           Type    Description           Expiration
----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------
NFS               license NFS License           -
CIFS              license CIFS License          -
iSCSI             license iSCSI License         -
FCP               license FCP License           -
SnapMirror        license SnapMirror License    -
SnapVault         license SnapVault License     -

Which I prefer to rely on...

Any comment from the NetApp Guys ?



Re: Canot see Storage Efficiency and license data

Hi John,


this message comes from netapp support:


The storage efficiency data are showing up right now.

The HA license mismatch Risk will e fixed in the next deployment. Though we don’t have any guidelines as when the deployment will take place.




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