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NetApp FAS 2620: Windows server cannot reconnect shared folder through NAS on NetApp


Hi everyone!


 I have an issue with reconnect shared folder when deployed NAS protocol on Netapp FAS2620 after all systems (Windows server 2016 std, Netapp Fas2620) reboot when power sudden outage. If windows server already boot success first (netapp boot success later than windows server), cannot reconnect netapp. I have to reboot again windows server to reconnect netapp, it's ok right now.

 So what i have to do with this situation.


Thanks so much!!!





To be honest, in most cases it is the 'Time Skew' that affects 'cifs share' access.


IMP: Clocks on the storage system and Windows Domain Controller (DC) should be within 5 minutes difference.


It is recommended practice to point the DC & FILER To NTP server so that they keep their time in check always.


For logs, we usually look at:

::> event log show
::> event log show -message-name SecD*




Hi friend!


 I have already used ntp server to sync between servers and storage. And checked time just difference about 10s. 

 I mean when storage already booted up ok, after that i restarted server and at that time will be access to shared folder normally.


You mentioned Windows already booted up first: Did you mean client (Windows) or a DC ?


Ideally, if the DC is up first, and then Filer boots up, most ideal situation. cifs access should be ok as long as the time difference is not skewed (You have already verified this).


However, if you meant the client (Windows) : That's a different thing altogether.


Windows Client : May have a stale connection and by rebooting you fixed it 🙂


As a troubleshooting step: You could always check few things.

1) ::> cifs session show [sessions on storage]
2) c:\> net use [sessions on client]


Just compare it : If sessions are available on client but not listing out in storage then those sessions are stale and will not be accessible.




Hi friend!


 I found a problem when i checked synchronization between Netapp and W32time NTP server (Installed on Windows Server 2016 std). I've already added ntp server through command line: "cluster time-service ntp server create..." and already checked "network ping -destination 86.x.x.x" is alive. But after one week still have different about time between Netapp fas2620 and ntp server.

 How can I access shellmode to check log and how can i fix this problem.


Thank you very much!



W32time is not the most reliable and it is not really fully NTP. Some vendors cannot communicate with W32time.


From the NetApp, what does this show:

cluster time-service ntp status show





 Just only have command option: cluster time-service ntp server show: (ntp server) 86.x.x.x   (version) auto.




Would you post this output:

cluster time-service ntp status show 

 Let's see if the NTP service is working correctly.


If it is then it is something else. If it is not, you could look at using your switches as NTP sources.

Most switches can be used as a NTP server.




 In command line interface, i cannot see any command about ntp status, just only option command about ntp server show i were sent you before. That's why i have a question above related to how to check ntp operate normal in netapp fas2620.

 I'll try to configure ntp server on network device (we are using juniper device).






 Do you have any NTP svr type recommendation work with netapp fas2620 we are using?



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