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SuSE Linux Cluster - Hosts with different protocols (iSCSI and FCP) support



Our customer is willing to deploy a SuSE Linux version 11 SP4 Cluster solution made of 2 hosts, but each host will use a different protocol to reach the same shared NetApp LUN (Host-1 using  iSCSI, Host-2 using FCP).


Questions are: is it officially supported by NetApp (I see the iGroup mixed mode, but not sure for this purpose)? Is there any documentation from NetApp side mentioning this? Or this must be checked with Host O.S. provider?







I was trying to look up more information around  -protocol 'mixed' igroup but cannot find much except that the igroup create command does mention about it in ONTAP 9.x documentation.

https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp (If you search for - lun igroup create )


{ [-protocol <protocol_enum>] - Protocol
Specifies if the initiator group protocol is fcp, iscsi, or mixed.


cluster1::> lun igroup create -vserver vs1 -igroup ig1 -protocol mixed -ostype linux -initiator <>


I think as long as this (mixed protocol) configuration is for a Clustered Host file-system (As in your case SuSe  Linux Cluster) then it should be absolutely fine. If you wish you can raise a ticket with NetApp just to get more clarity around it.


Only conformance that I will check is for - SuSe linux compatibility with ONTAP in the Interoperability matrix, along with FC HBAs supported list and their firmware for the given ONTAP version.




Never used it myself, but found an example of one igroup with both FC & iSCSI Initiators.


::> lun mapping show -vserver vs1 -path /vol/igroup_1_1_vol/lun1 -igroup igroup_1
Vserver Name: vs1
LUN Path: /vol/igroup_1_1_vol/lun1
Volume Name: igroup_1_1_vol
Qtree Name: ""
LUN Name: lun1
Igroup Name: igroup_1
Igroup OS Type: linux
Igroup Protocol Type: mixed
Portset Binding Igroup: -
ALUA: true
Initiators: 20:10:0a:50:00:01:01:01, 20:10:0a:50:00:01:02:01,


To be honest, I wasn't even aware of if before....got to know atleast.


You can use a mix, from the netapp side.     Though I like this method better: 


For systems using both FC and iSCSI connections to the same LUN, you should create two igroups: one for FC and one for iSCSI; you should then map the LUN to both igroups.