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NetApp ONTAP 9 Volume Sizing Problem


My aggregate is 16 TB and holds 1 x 15 TB Thin Provisioned Volume and another 1 x TB Thin Provisioned Volume inside, and the 15 TB Volume has a 14 TB LUN with Space Reservation.


The 1 x 15 TB Volume has scheduled weekly Dedup and Compression.


The Volumes are not using any backup, snapmirror..etc technology that create snapshot.


1) Is it ok that I do NOT enable any Fractional Reserve because there's no snapshot???


2) Would the Scheduled Dedup and Compression has any chance of creating any snapshot during the process???


3) If it's sure that the Volume has no snapshot, is it safe to turn off the Automatic Volume Resize Grow or Shrink????


4) Can I simply turn off Automatic Volume Resize and make the LUN Size same as the Volume if it's sure that there'll be no snapshot created????