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NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hi all,

is there an MIB file available for the new plugin?

We would like to test SNMP integration for this plugin and are missing this information.



Many thanks,



Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file


NetApp Storage Plug-in for OEM12c doesn't require any MIB file. You need to create custom user account for storage controller to be monitored by OEM 12c. Please refer plug-in guide for more details.

Please let us know for any queries.


Sachin Maheshwari

Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file


I was referring to a MIB for the sent monitoring SNMP messages created by the incident rules.

I would like to know how these messages are structured.



Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hi Catalin,

For new NetApp plug-in, incident rules can be defined on Metric Alerts. While defining incident rules, you specify the appropriate NetApp storage target type and you don't need to specify MIB information.

Please visit Metrics and Collection settings to know about alerts and thresholds values for metrics.

Example of alerts generated by plug-in:

Target type=NetApp Storage System Operating in 7-Mode
Target name=


Target type=NetApp Storage System Plug-in

Target name=netapp_storage_43

Message=Snapshot reserve usage for volume [/vol/oemvol2/.snapshot] is 90.61. It has crossed either warning (80%) or critical (90%) thresholds.


Event reported time=Feb 17, 2013 5:30:20 PM IST

Operating System=Linux


Associated Incident Id=13859

Associated Incident Status=New

Associated Incident Owner=

Associated Incident Acknowledged By Owner=No

Associated Incident Priority=None

Associated Incident Escalation Level=0

Event Type=Metric Alert

Event name=Snapshots:snapshotusedperc

Metric Group=Snapshots


Metric value=90.61

Key Value=/vol/oemvol2/.snapshot

Key Column 1=Volume

Rule Name=NetAppStorageTarget,rule 62

Rule Owner=SYSMAN

Update Details:

Snapshot reserve usage for volume [/vol/oemvol2/.snapshot] is 90.61. It has crossed either warning (80%) or critical (90%) thresholds.


Sachin Maheshwari

Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file


I think we have a little misunderstanding-

After choosing the relevant metrics and setting the thresholds under "Metric and Collection Settings" we want to forward the triggered incidents to an external system (BSM).

In order for the external system to be able to parse these messages we need a MIB file with information about this plugin's SNMP messages.

Thanks for the quick reply,


Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hi Catalin,

Thanks for providing details.

Please note that while we trigger the incident based upon threshold settings defined, we don't have MIB information in the message generated. Please refer the above reply for "message String" generated by us.

Based upon above inputs from you, I feel that you may need to change parsing criteria based upon message string generated by newly created plug-in.

Please help me if have misinterpreted information.


Sachin Maheshwari

Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file


Thanks for the reply.

I have another question related to the new metrics.

The old plugin had the following metrics:

Cluster Interconnect status

Cluster partner status

First, I think that the following are their equivalent in the new plugin:

Partner Status

Is Interconnect up

(Under Node HA Partner Info)

Is this correct?

If so, it seems that the possible values for the new metrics are different from those of the old ones.

Could you please list the possible values for each metric and explain their meaning?



Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hi Catalin,

Yes, you are correct. We have changed name to have consistency for naming standards with Clustered Data ONTAP.

For current NetApp plug-in, if values are "0" for Partner Status and Is Interconnect up, it means some problem with Cluster node relationship.  We have also defined alerts and thresholds based upon this criteria only. Please check it. We have also defined "State" attribute for Node HA partner Info metric to give you the description about the current state of the cluster partnership.

If the Cluster license is not enabled on node, we don't collect any data.

I hope this answers your query. Please let us know for any clarification.


Sachin Maheshwari

Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hello Sachin,

I'd just like to clarify on this -

Could there be any value for these metrics that is not 0 or 1?

(the old metrics had a range of possible values each indicating  different issues).

The plugin documentation does not describe all possible values for metrics such as these.

Do you happen to have a more detailed description of all metrics and possible values?

Many thanks,


Re: NetApp Plugin MIB file

Hi Catalin,

We are only showing two values (0 and 1) - where '1' states that partner status is connected and healthy, while '0' means some issues / state change / takeover.

Please refer other fields of this metric for more details about status.


Sachin Maheshwari

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