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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit to get storage reports....


I know agood bit about PowerShell but my NetApp knowledge is weak so I apoligize if this is easy.  I have been asked by management to write a script that outputs the following :


These would be broken down by cluster.


Total storage in TB

Storage used in TB and % used

# of vols and LUNs


Then an overall Total TB across all cluster.


Thanks in advance.  Any input is very appreciated.



That sounds pretty easy...


Just start with get-nchelp. 


or show-nchelp... There are commands in there that will get you started.


But you can also look into OCUM reporting for management as well


Could you point me in a direction ( e.g. aggr, vol, lun, etc )  Like I said, my NetApp is not so good.


Contact me skip.horn@rochester.edu and I can send you a Bat file - that points to t aPS1 file that will list the aggregate storageon all your Netapps


Hello All,


Could you please send me the scripts to get the capcity report from NETAPP 9.1 storage using NetApp PowerShell.
Like Total drives capacity, Raw capacity, Total Configured, Used, Allocated, Available, Over Allocated percentage, volume count etc...
Note : I am unable to send an email to skip.horn@rochester.edu


Guys, just work thru the cmdlets..