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Aggregate Inline Deduplication Statistics


First, we are running OnTAP 9.2 P2. After switching to 9.2 I enabled aggregate inline dedupication, created new datastores for our VMware environment, and worked with our VM team to get VMs moved to the new datastores. My goal is to maximize the benefit of aggregate inline deduplication be re-writing each of the VMs. I am also putting all datastores for a particular operating system on one aggregate to also maximize the benefits (i.e. all Server 2012's on one aggregate, all 2008's on another, etc.)


My issue is: I'm not 100% clear on how to track the statistical changes as we migrate VMs. From what I've read in TR-4476, I believe it's saying the aggregate inline deduplication statistics are combined with the aggregate compaction statistics, however I'm not clear on this. Here's the specific quote, from page 25:



Space savings from cross-volume deduplication are reported as deduplication savings at the aggregate level. Currently, data compaction savings are also reported at the aggregate level. Savings for both compaction and cross-volume deduplication are reported combined.



Here's the command I'm running to obtain full efficiency statistics:


storage aggregate show-efficiency -fields aggregate,volume-efficiency-saved,volume-compression-saved,volume-vbn-zero-saved,aggr-compaction-saved


Based on the above quote, I have been assuming that aggr-compaction-saved is actually the combination of compaction + aggregate inline deduplication savings. I kept this statistic from before I started migrations, and keep watching it as I migrate. It is going up, but it would anyway if it were only showing compaction savings. I just want to verify this is the correct statistic I should be looking at.


Any suggestions?