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NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?

I'm just trying to satisfy an alert for not having remote backups. I know the command, but I'm not sure how to upload to our sharepoint. I have access to a folder but not sure how to apply the command.


system configuration backup settings -destination <url>?


Anyone do this or are the default local backups enough in the real world?




Re: NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?



You should be able to use the upload command to upload it to your sharepoint or use the system configuration backup settings modify -destination.

Check the link below for further information:





Re: NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?

The NetApp error I receive when sending to a sharepoint via https://ip_address/asdf/  is the requested URL returned 404 not found. Anyone successfully do this before? 

Re: NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?

To be honest, we don't backup this and we never tried https. However, we do copy the 'config backup' manually before any major changes to cluster or during power-down exercise. If you wish you can manually copy the "cluster-config-backups" to your remote location and may be script it (schedule) if you wish to.


Steps for manual copy:


Step 1:
::>set diag
::*>security login password -username diag
::*>security login unlock -username diag
::*>systemshell -node node
node-01% cd / [change to '/']
node-01% cd /mroot/etc/backups/config/
node-01% ll [You should see the backups here]
Copy it to the logs folder (Which you can access via GUI in step 2)
node-01% cp /mroot/etc/backups/config/whatever_is_the_backup.7z    /mroot/etc/log/whatever_is_the_backup.7z


Step 2:
a) Point to Service Processor IP:https://cluster_mgmt_LIF/spi (Just as you do for downloading logs)
b) Click on logs link for the node you have copied to.
c) Simply download it locally and then put it on your remote location or wherever you think is safe.



Re: NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?

Thanks OntapForuma and Onbara. I installed filezilla on my workstation to test ftp which worked, but I can't use that as a perm solution. At least I know it works and the issue is either path or permissions when trying to copy to Sharepoint. Using NetApp to automate it without scripts or manual intervention was what I needed but i'll take note of your method for manual copies as well. Thanks

Re: NetApp cluster backup schedule to remote server?

Cool, that's good to know. Agree, ftp works. It' just https thing.  ftp is definitely a more clean option compared to manual thing and serves purpose.

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