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Netapp clustered mode antivirus


Dear all,


Perhaps soneone can give me a hint.


We have a 7-Mode metro-cluster that will be finally migrated next month.


Only CIFS is still running on this cluster for 3500 users. We use Trend for AntiVirus. When I add a file with fake virus, as a test, I only have to save the file and it is gone. So this is very fast. We use 2 VM's for AntiVirus scanning.


But now comes cDOT 8.3.2. We run 2 clusters / 4-nodes, on 2 sites (2x2), MetroCluster. We already migrated 200 Oracle-LUNs / Exchange-LUNs / SQL-LUN's. Also our VMWare Datastores al already up-and-running on these clusters. Again we use 2 VM's for Trend AntiVirus scanning for CIFS only, but when I place a file with fake-virus, it takes up to 10-12 seconds before the file dissappears.


Is this normal behaviour for cDOT?


Or can I expect performance-issues when we migrate all our CIFS-volumes and 3500 users will create load on these new systems?


How to test / investigate?


Any help is very much appreciated!




Moray Hoondert

City of Tilburg




My eicar test instantly deletes thte files on all version of cDOT 8.3.x , 9.x


You configured the cluster management lif, and then the file should be deleted out of the data lif.  You can check with the stats on the filer

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