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Trying to monitor cDOT 8.3 FAS8040 with SolarWinds Orion


One of the monitoring tools we use within our environment is SolarWinds Orion for basic monitoring of intefaces and ping checks. With our FAS3240 we had no issue adding it to Orion with SNMP. But the FAS8040 and cDOT 8.3 seems to be different.


We can do an SMNPWalk just fine, but not getting any standard SNMP polling. Has anyone else had this issue? Any solid documentation on getting this to work? Do we need to add new MIBs? Thanks.



Count me in, currently in urgent need to monitor some CDOT boxes using solarwinds. If you found a solution, please post it in the community if you can.


Any netapp response to this ? We also using Orion, and would like to monitor our 8.3 enviroment


Did anyone make an headway on this issue?  We too are running FAS8040s on cDOT v8.3.2P2.  I have upgraded to the latest Solarwinds MIB database, but it still cannot detect the interfaces on the new SANs.  Also working well on our 3240's.