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Network ports down


Hi, I have the following problem. Our Netapp worked without any problems until recently. Filer 2 can no longer be reached via the management port for a short time and the error message (all links down) and (switching to e0d) appears on filer 1. Does anyone have any idea why that is all of a sudden?


Many Thanks.



1. The cables came loose. Plug it back in (check both ends of the cables)

2. If you’re using a patch panel, maybe someone disconnected it

3. Maybe the port went bad on the switch?

4. You don’t mention the platform. Maybe check the support site for the service processor information. Maybe you need to finish updating the service processor micro switch (depends on platform)


The cables are all inside and also have a link (the LEDs all flash).


I don't understand point 4. What do you mean by that?


What do you mean inside? Management ports are on the rear of the controller and connected by an external ethernet cable.



-> pick your platform

-> Service Processor Image for installation from the Data ONTAP prompt

-> Find your version and click download


If you look at the service processor update steps for whatever version you are using on whatever platform you are using, if there are more than 6 steps you need to follow them and finish the process.


Maybe just open a case?



But can it really have something to do with the service processor that only 2-3 network ports do not work at a time even though they have a link?


If the problem is with e0M , then sure but not exactly. 
There are additional steps to update the micro switch as part of the service processor update. You are not updating the service processor at this point per se rather the code on the micro switch that affects possibly both the service processor and the e0M port. 

if you cannot reach the SP or the e0M then it is a possibility. It could still be a loose cable or a bad port.