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fcp queries not possibe


hello all


I have a working FC setup with NetApp A200 ONTAP 9.8 and a Cisco MDS 9148S.

Storage and servers are logged in successfully, zoning is also there and the server can access its LUN. All good.


ntap01::> vserver fcp nameserver show -lif fc01-a

Warning: Unable to list entries for kernel on node "ntap01-01": FC transport operation timed out.

Error: show failed: FC transport operation timed out


The same error occurs with:

vserver fcp topology show

netw fcp topology show


When trying to ping one of the FC initiators, I also get an error:

ntap01::network fcp zone> fcp ping-initiator show -lif xxx -wwpn xxx

  (vserver fcp ping-initiator show)

                            Node       Logical   Ping        Extended

Vserver   WWPN              Name       Interface Status      Status

--------- ----------------- ---------- --------- ----------- -----------------




                                       fc01-a    zone-info-not-available



Any idea what might be wrong?

Has anyone seen any errors like this while the whole communication/setup was working fine?


Any help or hints are very appreciated 🙂



Re: fcp queries not possibe


Hi Netapp58,


If you are able to serve data fine, then what most likely is happening is that there is heavy IO during the time the query is occurring and we prioritize IO calls over "informational queries". Could you try the "vserver fcp nameserver show" command during a time of lower load?


If you continue to have issues, it would be best to open a case with NetApp Support to see if this might be a new bug in ONTAP 9.8 along with any compatibility issues with the firmware on the Cisco MDS 9148S.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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Re: fcp queries not possibe


Thank you for the feedback.

Actually this is a lab setup without any load at all. So far we have only FC boot configured for two servers.


But the system still has support so I am going to open a case for this issue.

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