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Secd DNS timeout server


Hi All, 


I have errors on my connection timeouts.


 ERROR secd.dns.server.timed.out: DNS server XX.XX.XXX.XXX did no t respond to vserver = XXXXXXX  within timeout interval.


 ERROR secd.conn.auth.failure: Vserver could not ma ke a connection over the network to server (ip XXX.XX.X.XXX, port 389) via interface XX rror: Operation timed out 






Re: Sed DNS timeout server


First step is to try basic troubleshooting with network ping - the aim here is to ping from the management IP address of the vserver/SVM to the DNS server IP. The management IP of each SVM must have a route to the DNS Server.

Re: Sed DNS timeout server


I see the ping is perfectly alright and routing also in place.

Re: Sed DNS timeout server




Sorry for the delay on response - since basic troubleshooting is successful, I suggest opening a case, or using our online chat facility to contact support (if available in your area). The next step would be running a packet trace and for one of our technical specialists to review the results.

Re: Sed DNS timeout server


Hi Alex,


what is the logic asked to create a mangement lif for vserver to connect DNS , if time out message received

My environment We have a data lif  in vserver  and DNS port allowed in firewall to connect t to DNS server,but  time out error we receives and this lead users slowness for CIFS shares

Is it required to have a  management LIF for each vserver must to connect DNS ?

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