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New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1



i'm missing a list of all aggregates like in the volume view.


The aggregate (Tiers) view is total useless! Or do i missed something? 


How can i see the real aggregate size?


The SystemManager shows me here only that my aggregate is 369TB used and 3,2 TB is available and the used percent is perhaps 98%. And a data reduction of 51,8 to 1!


Please let the admin decide if he want's to use the Snapshots calculated in the data reduction. 


In the CLI i can see that my aggregate size is 10 TB and is used 70%. 70% is the real and important value, why can't i see this in the SystemManager?


Aggregates are only one example...


In 9.7 we was able to switch back to the classic view, this isn't possible in 9.8.


Is here comming more in the next update? If not the SystemManager will be a reason to not update the systems.


Kind regards



Re: New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1

I just inserted 6 additional SSD's for a new aggregate, disk assign in the SystemManager works well, but how to create the aggregate?


When i press "Add Local Tier" i get only the error message: No recommendation can be made for this cluster.

Re: New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1

Created the new aggregate on the CLI...


And when creating a Volume, why can't i add my existing Snapshot policy? In SystemManager there is no policy listed, so i must use the CLI to assign.


And how to create a SnapVault relationship in SystemManager? Didn't found a way...


Made this also via CLI. But when trying to create a DP volume via SystemManager first which i can use, but it looks like that DP volumes can't be created via SystemManager.


The new SystemManager is not easy to use and so manny things are missing.


I really hope that this changes in the next update, that this is a limitation of the RC1.

Re: New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1



Not sure I can answer to all your question but i will respond to the last one.

Beginning with 9.7 New experience, System Manager uses REST API calls as oppose to ZAPI call in previous versions.

And SnapMirror relationships of data protection (DP) type and DP policies are not supported in REST API. As a result, they are not listed in REST API.

I am not sure if there is a fix planed for this in any newer version. https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=1308810

Ref kb: https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Infrastructure_Management/System_Manager/Type_DP_protection_relationships_are_not_listed_in_Syst...

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Re: New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1

DP (data protection) policies are not supported in REST AP as well as other features are not fully supported yet.

Like mentioned earlier, there are RFEs/Burts open to address them.


Using CLI is a good workaround for now.

Re: New SystemManager in ONTAP 9.8RC1

O.k. then i don't do updates to 9.8 at customers, cureently i must hear every time i update to 9.7 how bad the new SystemManager is and the customers are very lucky that they can use the old one.


I will have a view on this and hope that it will become more useable soon.


The most of our customers are not able to use the CLI, they can use the SystemManager and for them it's bad that the SystemManger changes the design very often...

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