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New disk firmware and recovery messages


Recently I installed new NA02 firmware to my X423_HCOBE900A10 disks to fix 888889 and 1239356 bugs. Now I see informational "Recovered error" messages from some disks according to KB articles.


Tue Jun 25 08:33:13 +04 [R53-na01-A:disk.ioRecoveredError.retry:info]: Recovered error on disk 3a.00.12: op 0x28:68cb85b0:0008 sector 255 SCSI:recovered error - Disk used internal retry algorithm to obtain data (1 b 95 95) (12) [NETAPP   X423_HCOBE900A10 NA02] S/N [KXH1SAUF]
Tue Jun 25 08:33:13 +04 [R53-na01-A:disk.ioFailed:error]: I/O operation failed despite several retries.

I know it's normal and disks heals itself with a new firmware but I have some questions.

1. Will these messages stop to appear after some time?

2. Is it possible that weekend aggr scrub task will broke my array if some error thresholds will be reached?

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