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New to NetApp


Apologies if i am in the wrong area however i am in need of some assistance and wondered if you would be able to help. 


I have recently picked up a couple of old NetApp SANS to work on.  NOw I know these are old however i would like to utilise them.  


A collegue started working on these and he got so far configuring them but didnt get any further.  


The device is a FAS2050 (As i stated i know they are old) running NetApp Release 7.3.7P1.


The NetApp has 2 controllers, one has been configured and i can jumpt ont the san using this.


The other controller i believe was partly configured but i believe he clustered these together.  using the GUI i can see only 1 controller that is allowing me access.  If i view the partner via SSH I can see the name of the other controller so i know my collegue has done some of the configuration but i can SSH to the other Controller. 


My Questions are as follows. 


1. If I wanted to reconfigure the network settings for this controller how could i do this given i cant get onto it via the other controller to make it happen?  do i need to console directly onto the controler ?

2. is there a simle command i can enter to specifically list what has been configured from a network perspective on this controller i am having an issue with?   How can i change the network configuration of this controller if i cant access it? Is there a command i can use to jump accross to the other controller whilst SSH ing into the functioning one?  (or would this be a console cable requirement?)  

3.  If i wanted to factory reset this device how could i do it or is there a Command line OnTap that i could stp though or fire up in order to reconfigure this device.  

4. Lasty I had 3 Aggregates on this box,  I can only see Aggregates 1 and 2 but 3 is missing but i can see that it is is till functioning but is it missing from the GUI.  Reason for this? 


Apologies if the Questions i have asked are obvious but i am just starting out on NetApps though this would be a good piece of tin to play around on.  (IT IS NOT PRODUCTION before anyone asks :))


I thank you for your time and any assistance you can give i would apprecieate it.  


Many thanks. 




Re: New to NetApp


In 7-mode, you manage each controller separately.  You should ssh to node-01 to manage it and ssh to node 02 to manage that one.


If you want to check you cluster, to a 'cf status'.  That will tell you if the nodes are clustered and healthy.

Re: New to NetApp


Thanks for your reply.


As per my post this is what I am hoping to do.


i can ssh to one controller I can’t get to the other controller however I know it is there. I can see the ip that has apparently been configured for it but I can’t ssh to it.


i guess my question is This.  As I have not Carried don’t the initial configuration in this box and by that configured the one controller that seems to be working it’s an IP address for my knowledge I would just like a few short detailed steps on what I would need to do when adding a new controller talking through configuring an IP address etc the commands used etc that should help. 







Re: New to NetApp


I would start by pinging both controllers.  If the ping works, then ssh administration is turned off on the second node.

If you can't ping it, then look at the IP address of each node and make sure they are in the same subnet witht he same subnet mask.


If the subnet is the same, and you can ping node 01 and 02, but simply can't access node 02 via ssh,


run a 'option(s)' on node 01, and grep for I believe it is admin, ssh or ssl.  Then you'll need to login via SP on node 02 and make sure ssl/ssh admin is enabled.  Check your Commands Reference manual or your Admin Manual for 7-mode.


BTW, make sure the machine and username you are connecting from is in each nodes' /etc/hosts.equiv file.  I believe the syntax is host-name or IP, 'tab', username (usually root).  If it is on node 01 and not  on node 02, that is another problem.  /etc/hosts.equiv is a way of restricting the management station to certain defined machines.  This would be the machine you are ssh'ing from to get to your nodes.  If the machine is in node 01's /etc/hosts.equiv but not in node 02's that is another problem.


Finally, if you are running ssh from Unix, you can run 'ssh -vvv options' to get more verbose output of the errors.

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Re: New to NetApp


Try the above first.  Re-initializing the HA-pair will cause loss of data.  Then you'll still have to go through these steps.  😉

Re: New to NetApp


Thanks I will give it a try,  not to worried about loosing data as nothing is really on these yet.  


I will let you know how it goes.  



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