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Not able to see server initiators on storage


Hi Techies,


We have 8 UCS blades which are connected to our NetApp fas 8040 and working properly. Recently server team installed 4 more UCS blades. On storage end we have 2 FCoE SVM's. One is for only boot luns and another one is for normal data lun's.


This is 2 node cluster and Ontap version is 8.3.1


We have 4 FC adapters on each node.


Node         Adapter Established Port Address
------------ ------- ----------- ------------
EDCFILER01   0e      ptp         640040
EDCFILER01   0f      ptp         cb0040
EDCFILER01   0g      ptp         640080
EDCFILER01   0h      ptp         cb0080
EDCFILER02   0e      ptp         640060
EDCFILER02   0f      ptp         cb0060
EDCFILER02   0g      ptp         6400a0
EDCFILER02   0h      ptp         cb00a0


0e and 0f are using for data SVM lifs and 0g and 0h are using for boot lun SVM. Well the problem is, we are able to these 4 UCS initiators from 0h anf 0g which are under boot SVM and we are not able to see the initiators on data SVM (0e and 0f). Zoning is done properly. Can anyone help me with this issue.