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Upgradation of disks firmware steps


Hi All,


I am very new to Netapp. I need to upgrade firmware on my disks before going to OS upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.4. I have downaloded the necessary package from supoort site and its in my laptop. Please tell me step by step process of disk firmware upgradation. THanks in advance



Why do you have to do it before you upgrade?  Was that in the upgrade advisor


Also, what version are you going too.  You say you are on cdot 8.1, so I just want to make sure you are going to a good target code


Yes, it was mentioned in upgrade advisory.


I have data ontapp 8.1.1 version which I need to upgrade to 8.1.4 version. As per update advisory, I need to update firmware of my disks before OS upgradation.


Drives firmware are on NA02 firware and as per latest version these should be on NA06. Please advise


This is why we asked these questions.


Why are you going to ontap 8.1.4, and not a higher version.


If you have cdot, you should be looking to go to 9.1p1


If you have 7-mode you need to go to 8.2.4  - latest P release.


Also, all the disk firmware is easy, Just follow the steps from the download site for the disk firmware,  I recommend using the all.zip package