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Note: Perfstat is not supported for ONTAP 9.5 and later??


Hi, I was about to download latest version of Perfstat and noticed this on it's overview. 


Note: Perfstat is not supported for ONTAP 9.5 and later.


My question is, will it work with later ONTAP's? If yes, are there any problems, like degraded performance (I know it might hurt a bit, but this is normal), missing values etc, weird results etc?


I haven't tried it on 9.7 but probably will. If there's no perfstat for 9.5 > how do we measure the performance then (ie what tool)?








It's been sometime I haven't used this tool, especially in 9.x releases. Thanks for mentioning it, I didn't know that the tool was no longer supported.  May be b'cos perfstat is now built into the ONTAP, it may just be made redundant.


I came across this KB, that states: Beginning with clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, performance content is collected and stored ('archived') on every system by default. This content is built on top of a new functionality in Data ONTAP, which automatically stores Quality of Service performance statistics on a per-volume basis for diagnostic purposes for up to 28 days on each clustered Data ONTAP node.




Following command will give you information on whether it is enabled, and other details.
::> set diag
::*> statistics archive config show


I believe, combination of OCUM and this collection is good enough for us and for the support for troubleshooting purpose.




It isn't supported because it's a legacy tool. For 99% of perf cases, perf archive is sufficient to solve them. Perf archive is the replacement, so that is why we are phasing it out.


Thanks for the tip for perf archive, I will check that ASAP. Yes I know perfstat is legacy, but when you're experienced with it, you can find everything with it 🙂


Still my question remains, will perfstat work with 9.6-9.7 (with possible issues like possible missing fields etc)?  I don't see any reason why it wouldn't, but in case somebody has any experience at all running it with >9.6 please let me know. 


OK correct me if I'm wrong. Perf archive is for sending performance information to NetApp support, not to make troubleshooting by yourself.


As an experienced perfstat analyzer I'm used to check minor issues myself. Like customer says "I have frequent performance issue with my volume everyday 8 AM" .So I'll launch perfstat so it gathers 7:30-8:30 with 10 min iteration and so on. I understood that with perf archive you will create a performance case and use the tool to upload data to NetApp.

Yes it will have all the counters. Are you a reseller or customer?