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OCUM error on monitoring the cluster

Hi ,


I recently receive warning in OCUM that:


Monitoring failed for cluster  xxx. Reason: Cannot update server (com.netapp.oci.server.UpdateTaskException [339-132-983])



Health: Poll failed

Error: Monitoring failed for cluster caot1. Reason: Cannot update server (com.netapp.oci.server.UpdateTaskException [339-132-983])

Performance: Poll completed


I couldnt find what is the reason .


Any thought about it ?


Re: OCUM error on monitoring the cluster

This would need netapp support case for further triage.If not done, please do so.

Re: OCUM error on monitoring the cluster



i also had frequent events like that on my OCUM 7.0 . and two weeks ago i found KB: and since i rebooted the server (as the KB says) i haven't seen any new event



iv'e just checked and the last event was: (proving it's indeed fixed. as we had these events every few nights), seems like permanent fix already baked in OCUM 7.1




Event: Cluster Monitoring Failed (Triggered Time: 03 Feb 2017, 12:33)
Impact Level:Risk
Impact Area:Availability
State:Obsolete (03 Feb 2017, 13:03)
Obsoleted Cause:The issue is fixed and the event is obsolete.
Source Annotations:environment:Backups, Location:DC2
Source Groups:
Source Type:Cluster
Acknowledged By:
Resolved By:
Assigned To:
Triggered Time:03 Feb 2017, 12:33
Trigger Condition:  Monitoring failed for cluster XXX. Reason: Cannot update server (com.netapp.oci.server.UpdateTaskException [339-132-983])
Alert Settings:GMT_P3_IR_Creation

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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