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OID for quota reporting


Hi All,


I would like to setup a custom snmp trap which will report as soon an my quota is 70% (a soft quota reporting will also work).

Which of these traps I need to be using for this purpose?



qrFileLimit snmp.
qrFilesUsed snmp.
qrId snmp.
qrIndex snmp.
qrKBytesLimit snmp.
qrKBytesUsed snmp.
qrPathName snmp.
qrType snmp.
qrV264KBytesLimit snmp.
qrV264KBytesSoftLimit snmp.
qrV264KBytesThreshold snmp.
qrV264KBytesUsed snmp.
qrV2FileLimit snmp.
qrV2FileQuotaUnlimited snmp.
qrV2FilesUsed snmp.
qrV2HighKBytesLimit snmp.
qrV2HighKBytesSoftLimit snmp.
qrV2HighKBytesThreshold snmp.
qrV2HighKBytesUsed snmp.
qrV2Id snmp.
qrV2IdType snmp.
qrV2Index snmp.
qrV2LowKBytesLimit snmp.
qrV2LowKBytesSoftLimit snmp.
qrV2LowKBytesThreshold snmp.
qrV2LowKBytesUsed snmp.
qrV2PathName snmp.
qrV2QuotaUnlimited snmp.
qrV2Sid snmp.
qrV2SoftFileLimit snmp.
qrV2SoftFileQuotaUnlimited snmp.
qrV2SoftQuotaUnlimited snmp.
qrV2ThresholdUnlimited snmp.
qrV2Tree snmp.
qrV2Type snmp.
qrV2Volume snmp.
qrV2VolumeName snmp.
qrV2Vserver snmp.
qrVFileLimit snmp.
qrVFileLimitSoft snmp.
qrVFilesUsed snmp.
qrVId snmp.
qrVIdType snmp.
qrVIndex snmp.
qrVKBytesLimit snmp.
qrVKBytesLimitSoft snmp.
qrVKBytesThreshold snmp.
qrVKBytesUsed snmp.
qrVPathName snmp.
qrVSid snmp.
qrVTree snmp.
qrVType snmp.
qrVVolume snmp.
qtreeExportPolicy snmp.
qtreeId snmp.
qtreeIndex snmp.
qtreeIsExportPolicyInherited snmp.
qtreeName snmp.
qtreeOplock snmp.
qtreeStatus snmp.
qtreeStyle snmp.
qtreeVolume snmp.
qtreeVolumeName snmp.
qtreeVserver snmp.
quotaInitPercent snmp.


I am getting error when most of the above OIDs are tried, for example


Filer*> snmp traps test.var snmp.
Error--var spec couldn't be retrieved from database: snmp.



Hey Baiju, 


How are you? 


Why dont you use snmp alerting from OCUM. There is option where you select for SNMP while creating alert. 





Good Gaurav, we have DFM and looking into the options...thank you!.

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