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ONTAP 7mode Snapvault and using Data Motion


Hi All


We have a number of snapvault destination volumes on our destination filer using 7-Mode 8.2.3, we have a number of different aggregates and occasionally there is a need to datamotion the snapvault destination volumes to other aggregates if one aggegrate is low on space.


in CLI when running the vol data move command I am aware that if I am trying to move a volume with a snapvault relationshop I need to stop this first before the vol move can continue however when I do this it removes the snapvault relationship completely and when it comes to recreating the relationship a complete resync is then required after the volume has been moved to another aggregate.


I dont understand why a complete reseed is required.


Am I doing the process incorrectly for it to do this? If I want to preserve my snapvault relationship after a data motion, can this be done somehow?




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