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Can you create an independent snapshot schedule on a SM-S destination volume?




Re: ONTAP 9.6 SM-S

I found this KB article, which might be helpful: https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1092539/~/how-to-create-independent-snapshot-schedule-on-a-dp-destination-volume-


It does not mention SM-S specifically, but I also didn't find anything in the SM-S documentation to suggest that it wouldn't work. 

Re: ONTAP 9.6 SM-S

Thanks for the response.


That is enticing, but it would be good if someone actually had confirmation that they are doing it.


Thanks again

Re: ONTAP 9.6 SM-S

Kb mentioned earlier basicaly describes the process of snapshot creation on a destination volume

This can be found as well here


[-schedule <text>] - Snapshot Copy Creation ScheduleThis optional parameter specifies the name of the schedule associated with a rule. This parameter is allowed only for rules associated with SnapMirror policies of type vault or mirror-vault. When this parameter is specified, Snapshot copies are directly created on the SnapMirror destination. The Snapshot copies created will have the same content as the latest Snapshot copy already present on the SnapMirror destination. Snapshot copies on the source that have a SnapMirror label matching this rule will not be selected for transfer. The default value is -.


However SM-S can be type of  sync-mirror or strict-sync-mirror 


So the option with creating addition snapshots on the destination volume of sync-mirror relationship is not achivable 

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Re: ONTAP 9.6 SM-S

Good find - thank you


This KB article https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1092539/~/how-to-create-independent-snapshot-schedule-on-a-dp-destination-volume- could really do with clarifying that, especially considering the SM-S was introduyced in 9.5


Thanks very much



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