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ONTAP Cluster Switch CN1610 SSH (arcfour)

Hi All


The CN1610  (software version  is failing Nessus TCP/IP security scans due to arcfour cipher being present.


I have fixed this via a hack;


> enable

# linuxsh

vi  /mnt/application/sshd_config    (remove arcfour* )

kill <openssh PID>

opensshd -D -f /mnt/application/sshd_config



This works, however is not persistant over a reboot. 

Can anyone advise on how to make this permanment or advise on a better solution to harden the ssh on the

service portcluys.


Rgds Andy



Re: ONTAP Cluster Switch CN1610 SSH (arcfour)

did you run 'write memory' 


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