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ONTAP DSM will not install



has anyone seen this before

I am trying to install ONTAP DSM 3.4 on a windows 2008R2 box

in runs through the installation, it get to the point where the dos box pops ups to configure devices then the installer starts to roll back.

it doen't give you any meaningful error "setup ended prematurely because of an error"

application log-

eventid 1033 Installation success or error status 1603

ONTAP DSM for windows MPIO -- installation failed eventid 11708

not much to go on I know?

I have installed FC Host utilities sucessfully

any help much appreciated


Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


Has this been fixed?  I am getting the same thing.


Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


We just hit this two minutes ago at a customer site.  We resolved it by running the ontap dsm package as the local machine administrator.  Then everything installed as normal.

Should probably log a bug on this.

ONTAP DSM will not install


thank you. We got the same error message but we also got an error message (acces denied if I remember correctly) trying to change the service account from the system (default) to an domain account. Running the command line as administrator and starting the install process from the command line solved both issues.

Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


We found that we succeed after disabling UAC and rebooting the server. Then the OnTap DSM 3.4 will install.

Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


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Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


Turning off UAC worked for us.


Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


Open command promt using elevated permissions "Run as Administrator".

CD to path of MSI

Execute MSI.

Re: ONTAP DSM will not install


It worked for me, when i install from the elevated command prompt.


Re: ONTAP DSM will not install



I have this issue but W2003.

has anyone had same issue?

it rolls back after this command prompt appears, I've tried to install it from command, but same issue

netapp install error.jpg

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