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ONTAP Edge evaluation; aggregate stuck in an initializing state


Hi, my customer is evaluating ONTAP Edge and is experiencing a problem when trying to create an aggregate. The system indicated that the disk needed to be zeroed out and now the aggregate is stuck in an initializing state. It was left running overnight and is still in this state. Why is this happening?


mpk-edge01::> disk show
Usable Container
Disk Size Shelf Bay Type Position Aggregate Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ----------- ---------- --------- --------
mpk-edge01-01:0b.0 49.21GB - - aggregate data aggr0 mpk-edge01-01
mpk-edge01-01:0b.1 49.99GB - - spare present - mpk-edge01-01
mpk-edge01-01:0b.2 1023GB - - aggregate pending aggr1 mpk-edge01-01
3 entries were displayed.

mpk-edge01::> aggr show
Aggregate Size Available Used% State #Vols Nodes RAID Status
--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------
aggr0 44.27GB 2.06GB 95% online 1 mpk-edge01-01 raid0,
aggr1 0B 0B 0% creating 0 mpk-edge01-01 raid0,
2 entries were displayed.



I have this exact same problem, and the only thing that I can think of is that you must use the dvadmin to add storage vs traditional methods.


 yes,  you have to use dvadmin tool before or during the initial state of filer vm creation process


this link may help you





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