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sql server sequential writes netapp


Hi guys! Can you please help to understand if it is normal behavior or not?
I have fas3220, on this fas there is a lun on aggregate with 57 disks and no application loads it.
hosts connected to fas over fcoe, version of OS 8.2P3 7-MODE
I wand to place on this lun high loaded database which is high on transaction log writes.
So i decided to test this lun on sequenctial 8k writes with iometer and compare to local drive performance -
all iometer settings that i changed and results you can find on screenshots in attachments.
results of this tests are amazing
Local drive(600 Gb 15k SAS raid 1) shows us 11000 IOPS, but fas3220 lun only 1400.
And my reasonable question - why is so drastic difference, why local drive so much outperform fas3230? is it normal?



You should throw some SSDs there


like something below....


aggr_name   flash_pool?  #_of_HDD     #_of_SDD     #_of_ops_actual     #_of_ops_possible

aggr1                n                   56               0                    2000                    7480

aggr2               y                    56          10                    4000                    31480



Let me know


it is not so obvious about ssd. On local disk i just have sas 15 k hdd - and it is faster