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ONTAP SELECT Server moved to new IP Range, How to re-import into deploy server


A Customer needed to move an ESX server running ONTAP Select 9 to another site, which required an IP Address change for both the host interfaces and the SELECT management and data interfaces.  Is there a way to re-import this into a deploy server, or another scenario, if you lost your current deploy server, is there a way to redeploy one and import the SELECT system?



The first part of the question is really good question indeed. Not sure on how it can be done; but will require a little bit of thinking and help from support.


For the 2nd question, it is well documented in the install guides. But, to answer your question - you take a backup of the configuration data of the deploy machine and save it somewhere. If you have to replace it with a new one; just install a new one and import the configuration data into it, and it will be good to manage the cluster.