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ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

Hello all,


I am currently experiencing issues with propertly deploying a cluster from ONTAP Select Deploy. Attached are screen captures of what I am seeing. I tried following TR-4517, but I guess I need a clear cut step-by-step of how to setup the external & internal networks. Any help would be awesome.


Thanks in advance


Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

Not sure if you have read this attached documentation. Recommend follow the steps in this, otherwise I can advise how to do it, provided you give me more details on the node config, storage details, network setup and what you are trying to achieve.

Although, this documentation is for 2.5 ontap deploy, the procedure to setup cluster hasn't changed. Moreover, from your previous note of 2.4 deploy, you can upgrade the deploy to 2.5 by downloading the install upgrade package from downloads.

Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

I just need specific instructions on how to set up the standard vswitch and set the network up propertly. Please take a look at the attachments, if you need additional info please let me know.

Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

So, you already have Management Network VMkernel Port. Now, for the portgroup OS-Internal and OS-Data, which in documentation is referred as ONTAP-Internal and ONTAP-External, the steps you need to follow for a standard vSwitch are:

- Assign separate NICs for these portgroups or share the same set of NICs that the management network is on.

- Set the MTU speeds on them to 9000

- Set the load-balancing policy as per the best practice guide for standard vSwitch

- You need IPs for cluster management, individual ONTAP node IPs. I believe that you might put them in separate VLAN.

- Therefore, these port groups need to be VLAN tagged with the VLAN number. The ONTAP-External is on a routable VLAN. The ONTAP-Internal to be on a non-routable VLAN; but, even if you put the same VLAN as external or leave it blank, it should work.


I'm not sure whether you are creating a single-node or multi-node cluster. For a single-node you don't need an ONTAP-Internal portgroup; just the external.

Also, what type of license are you using? Standard or premium and disk-types - hybrid or SSD. Note; OTS reserves the CPU/memory that is required based on the license type. So ensure you have enough capacity from a compute perspective, since I see that you have other VMs too on the same server.


If you doing it through the GUI, the steps are simple as you navigate post these port group creation.

Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

I have everything configured property, with the exception of VLANs. I dont have any VLANs in place/configured. Stupid question, can I just enter a VLAN ID without it being configured at the physical switch level?

Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

You don't need to put VLAN in there as long as you have the right IPs and are routable, but VLANs is there to tag the traffic accordingly at the switch layer. Having said that, you can't put in dummy or non-existing VLANs.

Re: ONTAP Select Deploy Network Issues

The key was to create a separate vSwitch for Select. Once done, the Cluster create went through smoothly.

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