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ONTAP Select Node Recovery

Hey everyone,



is there a possibility to recover/newly create a failed node with the help of the ONTAP Select deploy VM?



In my scenario I'm using the ONTAP Select Deploy VM in version 2.6 and set up a 2-Node Cluster in evalualtion mode.

I then deleted one node directly on the ESXi server to simulate a crash of that ESXi Server.

After using the "deloy refresh" button the deploy VM is aware of the missing cluster node, but I cannot find a way to "reinstall" a new node inte the existing 2-Node cluster.


Any suggestions here?


Thanks in advance


Re: ONTAP Select Node Recovery

As far as I'm aware of and having worked on it for a similar requirement; NetApp don't have a documented procedure for it, but insist on performing recovery in consulation with P1 support. This is only possible if it is a production system, and not with a evaluation or demo version.


I've simulated node crash and VM crash scenarios and recovered; however, they were done in collaboration with NetApp team members. There are multiple steps and have to be done cautiously.


If there is potential for you to purchase a full version of the software post evaluation, then I would suggest working with Netapp account support/sales teams and you performing the crash/recovery test before go-live with a full licensed version, thereby you gain all acceptance tests.

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Re: ONTAP Select Node Recovery

Hey Reg,


thanks for your answer!


I've made similar expiriences with the vsa (Storevirtual) from HPE.


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