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Decommission of FAS2020


dear techs,


We recently moved to FAS2520 from FAS2020. I would like to decomission the FAS2020 and shut it down. Already deleted ISCSI, NFS Connections from the ESXi host. Please guide me through the decomission process of this device. Can this be acheived by the simple 'halt' command or is there a detailed process like Servers?


Thanks in advance,




If the system is not serving data to any clients, you may simply run "halt -f" on both nodes if the system is HA.


My suggestion would be to leave it turned off for a month to ensure no problems are caused, and then power it on again without network connections, and run disk sanitization per the instructions at https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1034477/loc/en_US#__highlight


To enable disk sanitization on a FAS2020, you will need to contact your NetApp partner and request a license code based on your system's serial number. There is no charge for this code.