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ONTAP Select Technical FAQ


Questions about ONTAP select:


  1. Understand that ONTAP Select only support DAS (VMFS datastore) now. What is the future roadmap for SAN attached storage or NFS datastore?
    • ONTAP select node does not support vmotion. Is this solely because of DAS?
    • Can I power off the ONTAP VM, migrate the VMDK files and power it up on a different ESXi server?
  2. For a 4-node cluster, how do you recover ONTAP select node after a hardware replacement of the underlying compute?
    • Assuming the storage data is still intact, can I just bring up the ONTAP Select VM, and do a HA failback and resync the mirrored aggregate?
    • If the storage data is gone, how to I recover the lost ONTAP Select VM?
  3. What are the steps to configure the iSCSI mailbox disks? 
    • how do we segregate the iSCSI network from the HA heartbeat on ONTAP Select internal network?
    • what are the requirements for the mailbox disks?
  4. Why we cannot convert ONTAP Select from Evaluation mode to Production mode?
    • This is very inconvenient for customer that wish to keep the data after testing
  5. What are the best practices for aggregate creation on ONTAP select?
    • The ONTAP Select cut even number equal-sized (max at 8TB) vmdk disks from the datastore, what is the algorithm?
    • The aggregate is RAID 0 and mirrored between HA. Should I create one big aggregate using all the disks? 
  6. Can I have both SAS and SSD disks for a Premium license ONTAP Select node?
    • How do the ONTAP select name the disks?
    • Does it know the disk type of the underlying storage?
  7. Is there any existing use case that customer SnapVault the data from ONTAP Select to ONTAP Cloud?
    • What are the considerations?
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