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ONTAP Select Virtual SAN

Is there somebody that has knowkedge about «virtual SAN» software that underlies sDOT in ONTAP Select?
I don't think that NetApp has written something proprietary and the knowledge of a fine performing technology (i.e. StratoScale, IOScale, Starwind...) could be a strong point.
Or maybe is VSAN from VMware? In the FAQ I've read that the RC1 support VMware as hypervisor. What they mean? That I can run VMware on Select or that VMware ESXi is the hypervisor where sDOT runs?
Looking at this schema I should think that VSAN is below.



Re: ONTAP Select Virtual SAN

Are you talking about SAN configuration on Vserver in CDOT(NetApp cluster mode data ontap)....?

Re: ONTAP Select Virtual SAN

No sorry. My question is wrong. I've just read the architecture guide and there's no virtual san below.

Just a DAS with RAID and VMFS as datastore. On this vmdk for Ontap Select...


Re: ONTAP Select Virtual SAN

No. I was asking about storage architecture of the new Ontap Select.


Re: ONTAP Select Virtual SAN

Have a read through TR-4517: ONTAP Select Product Architecture and Best Practices



Here's the datasheet:



And the product documentation:



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