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ONTAP Select & Wasabi integration

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is it possible to "dump" snapshot from ONTAP Select to Wasabi (or from FAS/AFF)?



Re: ONTAP Select & Wasabi integration

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Hi there!


With ONTAP 9.8, we support using third party backup software to send snapshots to S3 targets, however Wasabi is not officially on our supported list at this time. I encourage you to work with your NetApp account team to ask for pricing (an additional license is required) and supportability. 


Additionally, you can configure Wasabi as a cloud tier for ONTAP select, and tell ONTAP to put all snapshot data there, and finally, another option is using CloudSync to regularly synchronise data to Wasabi cloud for backup purposes. 


Wasabi has this page providing information about using Wasabi cloud with NetApp systems - https://wasabi-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041577012-How-do-I-use-NetApp-products-with-Wasabi-


I recognise that these options do not directly answer the specifics of your question, but they can provide similar functionality.


Hope this helps!

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