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ONTAP is unable to contact the name server

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vserver services name-service dns create -vserver vs1 -domains <my-domain-name> -timeout 2 -attempts 1 -name-servers <my-IP-address>


I have got the below error while I executed the above command. What is the reason for it? Please help. Urgent!!


Error: command failed: Failed to verify the specified DNS configuration.
<my IP address>: Network is unreachable.
Verify that the network configuration is correct and that DNS servers
are available. Specify "-skip-config-validation" to skip the
configuration validation.


Re: ONTAP is unable to contact the name server

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It is likely a network issue or routing issue... is the dns server or gateway available with "network ping -lif lif-name -vserver svm_name -destination gw-or-dnsserver" ...also check "net route show" to make sure there is an outbound route for the SVM but probably there is one.. ONTAP checks for a valid dns server that can be reached so it is unavailable from the LIF reaching out to dns.

Re: ONTAP is unable to contact the name server

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Along with what scottygelb said, make sure your DNS servers allow standard A queries over port 53 to example.YOURDOMAIN.COM and that port 53 is open between the cluster LIF and DNS server.


"dns check" is used when you configure DNS.


TR-4835 details the dns check command on page 104:




You can also try the -skip-validation true option, which skips DNS check and then test name service lookups with the example on page 34 of the same TR.

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