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ONTAP tsse.scan.start.failed: 'Space Reclaim Estimate Scan' failed to start



Have you seen the error in your logs "tsse.scan.start.failed: 'Space Reclaim Estimate Scan' failed to start on '<AGGR-NAME>; - CDE Disabled."?


ONTAP Syslog translator link https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/bugs-online/syslog-translator/details?eventId=6127351e14c55314bce2b369


This can happen when you manually start garbage collection estimate with the following commands
::> set diag
::> storage aggregate efficiency garbage-collection-estimate-reclaim start -aggregate <AGGR-NAME>

When you look at the output from the following commands
::> storage aggregate efficiency garbage-collection-estimate-reclaim show -aggregate <AGGR-NAME>


You get the following output


                                      Node: <NODE-NAME>
                            Aggregate: <AGGR-NAME>
                               Progress: IDLE
                                    Status: FAIL
                   Failure Reason: CDE Disabled
                         Total Blocks: -
Total Blockes Processed: -
                           Percentage: -

Cause: This is because "Has Auto Adaptive Compression Savings" is set to false.


This can be verified through the commands
::> storage aggregate efficiency show -aggregate <AGGR-NAME>

                                                                 Aggregate: <AGGR-NAME>
                                                                          Node: <NODE-NAME>

Cross Volume Background Deduplication: true
              Cross Volume Inline Deduplication: true
 Has Cross Volume Deduplication Savings: true
  Has Auto Adaptive Compression Savings: false

Resolution: The Resolution section of this KB article will resolve the issue. https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/Controller_disruption_and_data_inconsistencies_might_occur_during_cert...