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ONTap DSM 3.5 - Active/Optimized and Active Paths Only


I am running ONTap 8.1.   I have a Windows Server 2003 machine running DSM 3.5.   We are using FCP.   ALUA is enabled on the igroup.

On a Windows Server 2008 host, I see the paths for all virtual disks listed with an Operational State of Active/Optimized or Active/Non-Optimized.   The Optimized paths are preferred and the Non-Optimized paths are not preferred.  This is what I expected to see.

However, I also have a Windows Server 2003 host that shows its paths as Active/Optimized and Active.    All of the paths, both Active/Optimized and those listed as Active, are listed as preferred.   This is not what I expected to see.   This host, however, has some disk partitions that are mounted to folders versus being assign a drive letter.   With partitions mounted to folders, is it expected to see Active and Active/Optimized paths as opposed to Active/Optimized and Active/Non-Optimized paths?  





According to the following NA KB article, it should either be Active/Optimized or Active/Non-Optimized.   It makes no mention of an "Active" status.


Data ONTAP DSM 3.5 and 3.4

"Data ONTAP DSM 3.4 introduces support for ALUA which provides a standards-based mechanism to determine the path priorities for each LUN. The MMC snap-in will display the detected path priority as Active/Optimized or Active/Unoptimized. ALUA must first be enabled on the storage controller by setting the ALUA attribute of the initiator groups. The Data ONTAP command to enable ALUA on an igroup is as follows: 'igroup set <igroup name> alua yes'. For Data ONTAP DSM 3.4, when ALUA is not enabled, all the path priorities will be Active/Unoptimized. For Data ONTAP DSM 3.5, when ALUA is not enabled, all path priorities will be Active/Optimized. For either version, not using ALUA to determine correct path priorities for accessing LUNs via FCP will result in FCP Partner Path Misconfigured warnings on the storage controllers."


On Page 80 of the DSM 3.5 guide, it states this about an "Active" state:

This path is currently used to access the virtual disk. Used

for iSCSI paths to LUNs on Data ONTAP operating in 7-


You mention above you are using FCP.  Just to be reallly sure, you're NOT using iSCSI at all, right?  You should only see Active/Optimized or Active/Unoptimized as you stated unless you are using iSCSi.

I can't imagine it makes any difference how you have your drives mounted.


The iSCSI initiator is installed on the machine but was not being used.   It is definitely accessing the disks via FCP.   I'll try removing the iSCSI initiator to see if that has any e

Thanks for pointing that out!


I am getting Active/Optimized and Active/Non-Optimized