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OSSV : uninitialized state


FAS1> snapvault update FAS1:/vol/s_c1_vol/qtree1
Transfer not initially successful, retrying.
Monitor progress with 'snapvault status' or the snapmirror log.

FAS1> snapvault status -l FAS1:/vol/s_c1_vol/qtree1
Snapvault is ON.

Source: server1:e:\data
Destination: FAS1:/vol/s_c1_vol/qtree1
Status: Pending
Progress: -
State: Snapvaulted
Lag: 44:42:00
Mirror Timestamp: Sun Oct 23 14:05:02 EEST 2016
Base Snapshot: FAS1(0118061298)_s_c1_vol-base.2
Current Transfer Type: Retry
Current Transfer Error: cannot connect to source filer
Contents: Replica
Last Transfer Type: Update
Last Transfer Size: 2065248 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:41:28
Last Transfer From: server1:e:\data


Can anyone help me out i am facing the same issue.


I have already taken these step to fix the issue:

1- Host to storage connectivity - OK

2- New snapvault is also not getting initialize and giving same error

3- Tried the new snapvault  relationship with server's IP instead of name but failed

4- httpd.access                 all

5- checked    /etc/hosts  entry is correct.


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