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How to access CDot Root Volume



Hi I am new to Cluster mode.


I want to know how to access the node root volume in cluster mode 8.3.


And also i need to know how to upgrade firmware in cluster mode.




Re: How to access CDot Root Volume

Why do you need access to root volume? What do you want to do?


You find detailed step by step description of update procedure in the same place where you download firmware.

Re: How to access CDot Root Volume

Thanks for your support,



I want access filer logs like storage log,snapmirror,audit log,etc..,


I want to know possible to move root volume to anothe SFO aggregate in cluster mode. If it possible can you tell me the procedure for the same.




Manikandan S

Re: How to access CDot Root Volume

Procedure to manually collect logs is described in knowledge base: https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/how-to-manually-collect-logs-and-copy-files-from-a-clustered-data-ontap-storage-system?language=en_US


Knowledge base also has articles explaining how to move root volume. Just do a search.

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